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8.5x20 EZ HAULER 

E-Z Hauler 8.5x20 Car Hauler - $129/Day OR $695/Weekly



Model Number EZEC8.5x20CH-IF

Box (WxLxH): 99"x20'x84"

Interior (WxLxH): 96"x19'10"x6'10"

Overall (WxLxH): 102"x24'x104"

Deck Height: 17"

Rear Door Opening (WxH): 91" x 81"

Axle(s) - Qty/Rating: 2-3500# Braked

Tires: 205/75R15

GVWR: 7000lbs

Curb Weight: 2580lbs

Payload: 4420lbs

Hitch Height: 19"

CH20-10 Open Deck Car Hauler Rental

BWISE Open Deck Car Hauler 6x20 Car Hauler - $89/Day OR $495/Weekly



Deck Width 82"

Deck Height 20"

Frame 4" Channel Frame

Crossmember 3" Channel

Flooring Diamond Plate

Fenders Treadplate Steel Removable

Ramps 5' Slide-In Punched Ramps

Tails Dove Tail

Maxi-Roule Utility 

Maxi-Roule Utility w/ Sides (UTO-66x123-s) - $29/Day OR $189/Weekly



Deck Size 66"x123"

Frame Galvanized

Finish Hot Dipped Galvanized

Overall Length: 171”/434,34 cm

Overall Width: 84”/213,36 cm

Overall Height: 19”/48,26 cm

Coupler: 2”/5,08 cm

Trailer bed

Weight (lb/kg): 500 lb/227,27 kg

G.V.W.R (lb/kg): 2720 lb/1236.36 kg

Inside length: 123”/312,42 cm

Inside width: 66”/167,64 cm
Panel height: 10”/25,4 cm
Steel structure: Galvanized 

Tires and Wheels

Axles: 1x (3500 lb/1590,91 kg)

Outside Traction: 84”/213,36 cm

Steel Rims: 13X4.5 galv.

Tubeless Tires: 2x ST175-80-R13 LRC

Haulmark Enclosed Cargo For Rent

Transport 6x12 Cargo Trailer  - $59/Day OR $395/Weekly

TPN Rental


Length: 12ft

Width: 6ft 

Coupler: 2in 5,000lb

Interior Height: 6'6" Approximate Inside Height

Axle: 3.5K Spring No Brake Axle Single 

Rear Door: Light Duty Rear Ramp Door

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How do I rent a Trailer? 

Renting a trailer from Trailer Pros requires identification on all trailer rentals as follows:
1. Valid driver's license
2. Year, make and license # of renter's tow vehicle
3. Proof of insurance

General Policies for Renting through Trailer Pros

Care & Cleaning of Trailer

All rentals are made with the understanding that normal wear and tear is included in the rental rate. However, any damage from misuse or improper care will be charged for. Our rental rate structure anticipates all trailer being returned clean or additional charges will be made.


Deposits are required for any item rented unless credit has been established in advance. Deposit can be paid for with an approved credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We also accept prepaid credit cards, cash, or checks for deposits.

Tires – Road Damage - Flat Tires

Before operating rental trailer, check the jobsite for debris or terrain that could cause damage to tires, and be aware of roadway debris and/or damage that could cause tire damage to the trailer. In most instances, damage to tires is caused by conditions on a job site or roadways and as such payment for ALL tire repairs is considered the responsibility of the customer. In the event of a flat tire, the customer can call a tire repair company of their choice or Trailer Pros can call a tire repair company on behalf of the customer, at the sole expense of the Customer. Trailer Pros is NOT responsible for Tire Damage during the rental period. Please inspect tires prior to rental for good operating condition.

Operating Condition of Trailer

We will perform an inspection WITH you prior to delivery. But in the event that the trailer you've rented is not operating as it should or has a problem, please contact Trailer Pros immediately. Continuing to run the trailer with a malfunction can cause excess wear, tear, and damage and will also result in extra time spent attempting to complete your transportation project. Please help us take care of our trailer, and help you get your transportation project done properly, by addressing any and all malfunctions or problems as they occur. If you do not call to inform us of the problem with the trailer and wait to inform us when you return the trailer when it is scheduled to be due, you may be held responsible for the full cost of the rental unit or repairs required to return it to operational condition.


It is always a good idea to reserve the rental item in advance. All reservations will be held for 30 minutes. Reservations require a deposit. Some seasonal items may only be available to reserve at the store's opening time. Trailer Pros may not have all rental items in stock. Most can be reserved upon return for your convenience with an advance reservation and deposit. Past Due Rented trailer is considered past due if not returned by the due date and time listed on the rental contract. Rental Days & Prices A rental day is 24 hours. Trailers are charged for time out, not time used. Overtime will be charged at the industry standard rate of one-sixth the daily rate per overtime hour unless otherwise instructed. Please email or call for current rental prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Weekend Rental Rates

Rental rates are generally charged based on the amount of time the trailer is out, not time used. However, as our store is closed on Sunday, trailers picked up Saturday between 9:00 AM and 12 PM and returned on the following Monday by 9 AM will be charged 1 1/2 days. A similar rate structure would apply when our stores are closed for in observance of holidays.